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Lu'An Jietonda New Material Co.,Ltd.


Leveling Agent

Product name Application Processing & Use level Characteristics
K7567 Functional leveling agent □ Extrude after premixing<br> □ Dosage is 0.7-1.5% of total formula weight ■ Prevent pits, pinholes, fish eyes, etc.<br> ■ Excellent leveling performance and weather resistance, good compatibility
K7572 Functional leveling agent □ Extrude after premixing<br> □ Dosage is 0.6-1.5% of total formula weigh ■ Significantly improve the melt flow of the system<br> ■ Prevent pits, pinholes, fish eyes, etc.<br> ■ The coating film has excellent leveling and fullness
SA88 Leveling agent 0.8-1.2% of the formula ? Applicable to various powder paint, the overall situation is good, easy to control ? Promoting flow flat, significant effect . ? Enhance the powder loosening, enhancing the rate of powder
K7573 Leveling agent 0.6-1.5% of the formula ? Preventing defects such as pits, pinholes, and fisheyes; ? Excellent leveling performance and weather resistance; ? Good film appearance and recoatability.

GMA Resins

Product name Application Processing & Use level Characteristics
SA550 Matting agent (GMA resin) □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion<br> □ Epoxy value is about 700 ■ The lowest gloss<5%(60°)<br> ■ Excellent weather resistance and anti-yellowing
SA580 GMA matting resin □ Premix with binder before extrusion<br> □ Epoxy value approx 650 ■ Gloss range 1-10%<br> ■ Fine and smooth levelling<br> ■ Excellent impact and bending resistance
SA300 GMA resin □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion<br> □ Epoxy equivalent value is about 300 ■ Increase the cross link density <br> ■ Improve the mechanical strength and heat resistance,chemical resistance

Catalyst & Accelerator

Product name Application Processing & Use level Characteristics
K7318 Low temperature curing accelerator □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion<br> □ 0.5-2% by weight of total formula ■ Reduce curing temperature,shorten curing time<br> ■ Improve leveling and anti-yellowing<br> ■ Reduce the gloss fluctuations with curring temperature
SA316 Curing accelerator □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion<br> □0.05-0.5% by weight of total formula ■ 100% active constituent<br> ■ Reduce curing temperature,shorten curing time
K7312 Low temperature curing accelerator □0.5-1% by weight of total formula ? Significantly improve the solvent resistance and impact resistance of the coating film. ? Improve the gloss stability of polyester/GMA matting system. ? Does not affect leveling and clarity of the coating film.

Matting agents(Indoor)

Product name Application Processing & Use level Characteristics
SA2165 Matting agent for hybrid □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□1-5% by weight of total formula
■ Provide 12-70%(60°) of gloss
■ Wide range of applicability to polyester resins
■ Good flow and anti-yellowing
SA2165D Matting agent for hybrid □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ 1-5% by weight of total formula
■ Provide 8-60%(60°) of gloss
■ Good storage stability
■ Lower gloss with lower usage
K7227 Matting agent for hybrid □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ 1-4.5% by weight of total formula
■ Provide 3-40%(60°)of gloss
■ Cost saveing
■ Improve mechanical property
K7232 Matting agent for hybrid □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ 1-5% by weight of total formula
□ 1phw K7232 react with 2.5phw epoxy
■ lowest gloss approx 3%
■ Good levelling ,storage stability improvement
■ Improving applicability to polyester resins
K7225 Matting agent for hybrid □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ 1-4.5% by weight of total formula
■ Provide 6-60%(60°) of gloss
■ Excellent flow and anti-yellowing
■ Wide range of applicability to polyester resins Jietonda? K7225
SA2065K Physical Matting Agent for Hybrid System □ Extruded after premixing, the dosage is 1-4.5% of total formula weight ■ Provides 5-70% (60 °) gloss
■ Good leveling and storage stability
■ Low resin selectivity for wide range baking
K7237A Physical Matting Agent for Hybrid System □ Extruded after pre-mixing, the amount is 1-5% of the total weight of the formula. One part of K7233 requires 1.5 parts of E-12 epoxy ■ Provides a minimum of about 2% (60 °) gloss<br> ■ Excellent storage performance<br> ■ Good leveling and strong resin adaptability
K7232D matting hardener for hybrid Incorporated into formula before extrusion 1-5% by weight of total formula 1phw K7232D react with 1.5phw epoxy Excellent matting effect, the lowest gloss can reach 5% (60°) Excellent leveling performance and surface fineness; Excellent storage stability ; Environmental protection and low smoke.

Matting agents(Outdoor)

Product name Application Processing & Use level Characteristics
SA206A Matting agent for PES/TGIC □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion<br> □ 1-3% by weight of total formula ■ Provide 30-70%(60°) of gloss<br> ■ Good weather resistance and low usage
K7216 Matting agent for PES/TGIC □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ 2-6% by weight of total formula
■ Provide 10% (60°)of gloss
■ Good flow and excellent anti-yellowing
■ Low wax
SA2061B Matting agent for PES/TGIC □ Dry blend<br> □ 1-1.5% by weight of total formula ■ Provide 10-40% (60°)of gloss<br> ■ Low usage and good gloss stability
SA2068 Matting hardener for PES/TGIC □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ 1-5% by weight of total formula
■ Provide 10%(60°) of gloss
■ Good flow and good film hardness
K7217A Matting agent for PES/TGIC □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion<br> □ 1-5% by weight of total formula ■ Provide 16%(60°) of gloss<br> ■ Excellent gloss stability and and anti-yellowing
K7212 PES / TGIC system physical matting agent □ Extruded after pre-mixing, the dosage is 2-6% of total formula weight ■ Provides about 20-60% (60 °) gloss
■ Good gloss stability
■ Good leveling and anti-yellowing
K7215 Matting agent for PES/TGIC Extruded after pre-mixing, the dosage is 4-6% of total formula weight ? Provide lowest 5% (60°) gloss ? Excellent leveling with good mechanical property . ? Good stability for baking, recommended to use in anti-yellowing condition.

Wax modifiers

Product name Application Processing & Use level Characteristics
K7656 Degassing agent for powder coatings □ Premix with binder before extrusion
□ 0.5-2% by weight of total formulation
■ Reducing surface defects such as pits and pinholes
■ Without affecting coating gloss and screen printing
■ Non-yellowing,suitable for HAA system
SA500 Slip and Degassing agent □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ 0.5-1% by weight of total formula
■ Improve the film appearance and anti-yellowing
■ Substitute of benzoin
SA501 Film hardening agent □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ 0.5-1% by weight of total formula
■ Improve the hardness and smoothness of film
SA5060 Anti foaming agent □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion □ or dry blend
□ 0.5-1.5% by weight of total formula
■ Eliminate pinholes,bubbles and craters
■ Used on porous substrates,such as cast iron
■ cast aluminum alloys
SA5066 Special film hardening agent □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion □ or dry blend
□ 0.5-1.5% by weight of total formula
■ Increasing hardness, scratch/friction resistance
K7661 Degassing agent for powder coatings □ Premix with binder before extrusion or dry belend
□ 0.5-1.5% by weight of total formulation
■ High degassing efficiency
■ Recommended for porous substrates

Curing agents

Product name Application Processing & Use level Characteristics
K7101 Epoxy hardener/curing accelerator □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ As curing agent,e the use level is 2-4phr on epoxy resin
■ Excellent flow and low usage
■ Used as curing agent, curing @120℃/30min
■ Used as accelerator, curing @240℃/30s
K7104 Epoxy hardener □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ As sole curative the use level is 3-5phr on epoxy resin
■ Curing @ 140℃/15min or 240℃/30s
■ Applied for thick film coatings or FBE coatings
■ Good mechanical properties
■ Good chemical resistance
K7108 Epoxy hardener □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ As sole curative the use level is 4-6phr on epoxy resin
■ Curing @ 150℃/10min or 240℃/2min
■ Applied for thin film decorative coatings or functional epoxy powder coatings
■ Good film appearance and mechanical strength
SA31 Epoxy hardener/curing accelerator □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ As accelerator, use level is 0.1-0.5% on total formula
■ For functional or decorative powder coatings
■ Curing @ 140℃/30min
SA2830 Epoxy hardener □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ 3.5-4.5phr on epoxy resin
■ For functional or decorative powder coatings
■ Curing @ 180℃/15min
SA2831 Epoxy hardener (accelerated DICY) □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ 4-5phr on epoxy resin
■ For functional or decorative powder coatings
■ Curing @ 160℃/12min or 200℃/5min
SA3120 β-HAA hardener □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ Hydroxyl equivalent value is about 84
■ Eco-friendly,Low-toxicity,anti-yellowing
■ Exterior application, Substitute of TGIC
K7150 Closed polyisocyanate curing agent for PU powder coatings It is recommended to cure with hydroxyl polymer in equivalent amount (13:87 for polyester with hydroxyl value of 30; 20:80 for polyester with hydroxyl value of 50) ? Extremely high crosslink density , excellent surface hardness and chemical resistance for coating . ? Excellent leveling and smoothness. ? Excellent weather resistance.

Texture agents

Product name Application Processing & Use level Characteristics
SA207 Texture additive □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ 0.08-0.15% by weight of total formula
■ low usage
■ Impart sand grain finishes
■ Use for electrical appliances and IT equipments
SA2072 texture additive □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ 0.1-0.2% by weight of total formula
■ low cost
■ Impart sand grain finishes
■ For almost all kinds of powder coatings
SA208 Special texture additive □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ 3.5-5% by weight of resin
■ For almost all kinds of powder coatings
■ Impart special texture finishes such as wrinkle, reticulated, vein, embossed and grained
K7726 texture additive □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion □ 0.2-0.6% by weight of total formula  ● It can form a sand-like coating with excellent wear resistance. ● The sand texture surface is smoother and more delicate. ● Suitable for powder coatings of any system, such as pure epoxy, epoxy/polyester, polyester/TGIC or HAA and PU.

Charge enhancing agents

Product name Application Processing & Use level Characteristics
SA2483 Charge enhancing agent □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ 0.3-0.6% by weight of total formula
■ Enhance the conductivity
■ Improve the film appearance
■ Anti yellowing
SA2485 Charge enhancing agent □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ 0.2-0.5% by weight of total formula
■ Excellent conductivity performance
■ Improve the film appearance and flow
■ Better overall performance than SA2483
SA2486 Charge enhancing agent □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ 0.2-0.4% by weight of total formula
■ Excellent conductivity performance
■ Use for both corona gun and tribo gun
SA2487 Charge enhancing agent □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion □ 0.3-1.5% by weight of total formula ■ No catalytic activity, does not affect the gloss of the coating and the gel time of the coating. ■ Good geothermal stability and anti-yellowing properties. ■ Does not affect powder storage stability.
K7017 Charge enhancing agent □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion □ 0.3-1.5% by weight of total formula ■ No catalytic activity ,so no negative effect to the gloss of coating and gel time . ■ Good thermal stability and anti-yellowing properties.

Functional agents

Product name Application Processing & Use level Characteristics
SA516 Pigment dispersant □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion
□ 0.5-1% by weight of total formula
■ Good pigment dispersing ability
■ Provide better color strength
K7005 Anti-yellowing agent □ Extruded after premixing, the dosage is 0.3-1% of the total weight of the formula ■ For a variety of powder coating systems, especially HAA systems
■ Can significantly inhibit the yellowing of powder coatings caused by gas baking or electric baking
K7301A Bonding additive Refer to the TDS ■ Improve the metal effect of coatings
■ Increase bonding temperature and anti caking
■ Reduce the dosage of metal pigments
SA5501 Stabilizer for metal pigment □ Dry blend
□ 2-3% by weight of total formula
■ Inhibiting from blackening, spot-formation and loss of brilliance of metallic coatings
■ Improve heat resistance
SA5502 Dry powder flow additive □ Dry blend
□ 0.1-0.5% by weight of total formula
■ Improving fluidity of coating powders
■ Anti caking
■ Enhancing electrostatic spray efficiency
■ Controlling film thickness for thin coating
K7921 Adhesive modifier Extruded after premixing, the dosage is 0.8-1.5% of the total weight of the formula Improve the adhesion of the coating to metal substrates such as stainless steel and galvanized sheet, improve the flexibility of the coating without affecting the weatherability
K7010A Special anti-caking additive □ Dry blend □ 0.2-0.4% by weight of total formula ■ Anti caking ■ For almost all kinds of powder coatings ■ Improving fluidity of coating powders
K7658 surface wetting modifier □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion □ 0.5-2% by weight of total formula ? Good pigment and filler wetting and dispersing properties and allow to increase the amount of pigment and filler. ? Good wetting performance, improve the coating fog, improve the clarity and freshness of the coating.
K7771 wear-resistant agent □ Incorporated into formula before extrusion □ 0.2-0.5% by weight of total formula ? Can form a coating with excellent wear resistance. ? Especially suitable for sand texture formula.
K7004 Anti-yellowing agent □ Extruded after premixing, the dosage is 0.5-1.5% of the total weight of the formula ? Significantly improving discoloration and performance deterioration because of gas baking ; ? Can be used in PES/TGIC and PES/H AA systems, etc.
K7007 Anti-yellowing agent □ Extruded after premixing, the dosage is 0.2-1% of the total weight of the formula ? Can significantly inhibit yellowing of powder coating caused by electric baking and gas baking. ? Can significantly inhibit the aging of the powder coating caused by high temperature baking, can withstand high temperature baking at 220-250 ℃.
K7010B Anti caking agent □ Dry blend □ 0.1-0.4% by weight of total formula ? Significantly improve the dry powder fluidity and construction ? No harm to the leveling and mechanical properties of the coating.
K7923 Adhesion promoter Extruded after premixing, the dosage is 0.5-1.5% of the total weight of the formula ? Significantly improve the adhesion of the coating to special metal substrates such as galvanized, magnesium aluminum alloy;


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